Time: May 29 – Jun 6, 2021

Topic: Building technology solutions (app/website) for the following criteria:
– Good health and well-being
– Quality education
– Decent work and economic growth
– Responsible consumption and production
*The criteria are based on 4 out of 17 Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations

Hackathon Programming Competition

The competition calls for 50 teams from all over Vietnam to participate in the project concept and preparation phase. Then, the Organizing Committee will select 20 accelerated teams to participate in Hackathon during 03 consecutive working days with the support and companionship of more than 50 mentors from Silicon Valley and the country to complete the project.



The 10 excellent teams after Hackathon will advance to the final round to present the project to the judges and the community on the last day of the event. Winning projects will have the opportunity to receive attractive prizes and the opportunity to support, invest in, and realize the project.





Hackathon teams









Communication & registration reception

Press Conference

Announced the list of teams

Opening Ceremony


  • 2 days hackathon
  • Mentor works on the project


  • Product demonstration
  • The jury scores and publishes the results
  • Connection exchange, recruitment ...

IT Tour

  • Visiting IT companies in Hanoi


Impact & Sustainability


Mentors Hackathon 2020

Vietnam Online Hackathon 2020








The organizing committee

Google Developer Group MienTrung (GDG MienTrung) presides over and coordinates with Danang Business Incubator – DNES and Tech Lovers Community and Da Nang Department of Science and Technology to organize the Vietnam Hackathon 2021 competition.

Google Developer Group (GDG) is a community of enthusiasts and technology developers on the platform of Google product groups. The GDG community has chapters throughout Vietnam in major cities: Ho Chi Minh (GDG Vietnam & GDG Cloud HCM), Hanoi (GDG & GDG Cloud Hanoi), Da Nang (GDG MienTrung & GDG Cloud Danang). and Can Tho (GDG MeKong) with more than 35,000 members.

DNES – Da Nang Business Incubator is a start-up support organization with the aim of promoting human development through entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Since its establishment in 2016 up to now, DNES has incubated 50 startups, held an average of 50 technology and startup events every year with 6,000 attendees.

Tech Lovers Community – An initiative from GDG MienTrung is supporting, who will also be in charge of GDG MienTrung’s technology expertise and related events / programs.

Department of Science and Technology is a specialized agency of the City People’s Committee with the function of advising and assisting the City People’s Committee in the state management of science and technology, including: science and technology activities; develop science and technology potentials; standards, metrics, quality; Intellectual Property; Radiation and radioisotope applications; nuclear and radiation safety; manage and organize the implementation of public services in the fields within the scope of functions of the Department in accordance with the law.


Currently, the United Nations and its partners in Viet Nam are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, which are interconnected and ambitious goals to address the major development challenges that the people of Vietnam and the world have to face. In response to the call of the United Nations, the Vietnam Hackathon 2021 Competition was born to become a connecting environment and promoting the developer community to join hands in building practical and specific solutions to support the community Businesses are based on sustainability goals.


Topic: Building technology solutions (app/website) for the following criteria:
– Good health and well-being
– Quality education
– Decent work and economic growth
– Responsible consumption and production
*The criteria are based on 4 out of 17 Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations

Targeted participants
  • Developers come from IT companies and organizations.
  • Students from IT universities, colleges and centers across the country.
  • Highly encourage female IT students and developers to participate in the competition.


  • Opportunities to approach & interact with the community +1000 hackathon programmers; +11000 technology-loving members interested in the program and more than 60 senior experts who are speakers and mentors for the competition.
  • Completely free to access enrichment courses from Google and its partners.

Experience from the competition

  • Apply and create technology solutions to solve practical problems.
  • Experience and compete in a dynamic working environment.
  • Opportunities to receive great prizes from the program.

Career Opportunity

  • Exchange, cooperate, seek employment and study opportunities with +50 IT companies and +15 prestigious universities nationwide.
  • Investment opportunities for potential projects.
Duration of participation

Prepare for the Hackathon:

  • From April 13, 2021 – May 16, 2021: Teams will submit a description of the project’s idea according to the registration link; individuals will register and be assisted in setting up a team. The deadline for application submission is May 16, 2021. During this time, the participants will be invited to learn and experience a number of enrichment activities.
  • From May 22, 2021 – May 23, 2021: The organizers of the program will select and publish 40 ideas that match the criteria of the program, and the team has good quality contestants to officially participate in the Hackathon.

Hackathon Contest:

  • From Jun 05, 2021 – Jun 06, 2021: The teams will officially accelerate to participate in Hackathon during 02 consecutive working days with the support and companionship of more than 50 mentors from Silicon Valley and the country. To complete the project, learning and working activities will take place continuously during the competition according to the instructions of the Organizing Committee.
  • Each team will have 1 Mentor and 1 buddy to support the teams during the time working above.

Announcement and awards:

  • Demoday event will be held live on Jun 06, 2021. Accordingly, the 10 best projects will be presented directly to thousands of audiences. The program organizers and the jury will announce the list of winning teams.
  • Competitors will be sent a confirmation email and complete the procedure to receive prizes with the Organizing Committee after the competition ends.
Judging criteria
  1. Impact & Sustainability (35%)
    – Which goals do you focus on? Is it explained in a clear manner with specific Sustainable Development Goal targets they are looking to solve for?
    – Is there evidence of a next step? Does the team display a plan for future extension if they were to continue?
    – How sustainable is it? Explain the impact of this solution to the community?
  2. Completion (20%)
    – % status of project’s completion about plan and project management
  3. Technology (20%)
    – Does the solution implement all the technical components needed to solve the challenge? Are these technical components suitables, optimal and trending?
    – Is the solution friendly with users’ experience?
    – Has the team made effective product and technical decisions for their solution?
  4. Diligence (15%)
    – Does the team fully attend all workshops and activities of the events?
    – How do they cooperate with mentors and buddies?
  5. Teamwork (10%)
    – Does the internal team have a good connection and work hard during the events?
  • Email contact: mientrung@gdgvietnam.com
  • Mentor contact: 03 6868 2992 (Mr. Thanh)
  • Sponsor contact: 0906 179 145 (Ms. Van)